Sep 20

Inked Heart – event listing!


Just in case you’re checking in here (and don’t have access to the Facebook event listing, or just don’t like going to FB which is completely fair) … I wanted to create a post giving you all the low-down details on the play and how to see it! So here’s the info I posted about it. I hope you come out!

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Sep 01

Write Only If You Can Handle Conflicting Advice About Writing

One of my friends has been posting inspiring quotes about writing on his social media, both as a way of keeping himself moving forward, and to share the wealth of support with others. It’s a pretty great thing to do. But yesterday, he posted a quote from Elie Wiesel:

“Write only if you cannot live without writing.”

And while I’m certainly not in a league with the words and work of this great man, I feel like this is one of those quotes that sounds supportive, and useful, but can lead to feelings of inadequacy and uselessness in people who might have a lot to say, and some really interesting ways in which to say it. Not everyone works the same way as Elie Wiesel. I certainly don’t.

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Aug 30

Inked Heart – we need a guy!

Just popping in to create an entry for this (I know, I need to catch up on regular blog entries – but I have been updating the page!) – auditions are coming up next week for Alumnae Theatre’s Fireworks Festival, which will include my play Inked Heart.

Which is great, but we could still use some folks to sign up for the male lead in particular, which would be as follows (description from Alumnae’s site):

Ed – 40s.  Owner of a tattoo parlour, heavily inked himself.  A tough exterior, sharp tongue and ready wit mask his sensitivity and the pain of his disintegrating marriage.  Aspires to be a painter.

If you have any interest, or could help spread the word, please do so! There’s a full list of roles available for IH and the other Festival plays, and full info on how to get in on auditions, at the link below:

Jun 01

Stars (ten minute play)

This isn’t something I’ve really done before, but I thought I’d give it a shot. In between drafts of the current full-length play, I put together a little ten-minute piece that I can start sending around. It’s both completely like me, and a bit of a departure.

Please note that I’m using the singular ‘they’ for both the characters. I would have no problem with a director casting this with any combination of genders, but I wanted to leave it open from my point of view.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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Jun 01

Back again! (Again.)

So hi! I’m trying to clean up this page a bit and maybe even use it again. Anybody still keeping an eye out for new posts?

Where I am right now in this crazy theatrical journey: Currently, Monkeyman Productions is on hiatus. We had a really rough 2015 and had to cancel our fall production of my play, The Beast from Planet X, and that’s left us needing some time to rebuild and gather our forces. We do hope to be back next year with more theatre for the geek-friendly audiences of the greatest city in the world, Toronto, Ontario.

Meanwhile, I’ve been pecking away at some new projects, and it looks like I will have a production this year after all – just of a play that I thought had fallen off my radar at this point! Alumnae Theatre will be producing Inked Heart – a full-length and fully revised version – as a part of their Fireworks Festival in November. We’re just starting to gear up with production meetings and due dates, and I’ve been working hard to make this script everything it can be. It’s not often that I’ve had this sort of production through another company, so there’s a certain learning curve involved in that, as well. If I manage to keep on top of things, I’m sure I’ll post more about that, too.

And there’s new stuff to write! I finished a little ten-minute piece, Stars, that I think came out well. And I hope to dash off a few other short pieces in between the final drafts of IH. I’d also like to explore some non-playwriting stuff, if I have time. I’m trying to keep this year productive.

More later on!

Jul 04

Writing and Re-writing Nefarious!

Quick update – I’ve just written a blog post on the Monkeyman Productions site about the long and winding revision process for our fifth anniversary production, The Nefarious Bed & Breakfast. Take a look:

The Making (and Re-Making) of a Supervillain

Apr 16

Great review of The Simian Showcase 2013

I know I’ve been remiss in keeping the site up to date – but as I get back into it, here’s a lovely thing to report. Our current production, The Simian Showcase 2013, has been well-reviewed by My Entertainment World, including some very nice things said about my piece in particular! “Super is a painfully relatable, sad but hopeful examination of a good guy’s small life as a “superhero” and is the crowning achievement of Monkeyman’s truly excellent 2013 showcase.”

Check out the full review on their site, and if you’re in the Toronto area this weekend please check out our last three performances! More info (and tickets) is available at the Monkeyman site.

Mar 17

Words, Words, Words

Just a heads up – I wrote a quick blog post on the Monkeyman website about the revision process for our latest incarnation of The Simian Showcase, where I’m playwright on one piece and director on another. Take a look!

Mar 11


Just catching back up on life and I’ll be back here soon. But for now, here’s something awfully interesting: a TED talk by Andrew Stanton on the art of storytelling. You should watch this:

Andrew Stanton on Storytelling


Oct 21

Checking My References

“Are we ready? Are we set? Atomic batteries to power, turbines to –”

Marty and I just finished a discussion on the Monkeyman Productions blog about our company’s tendency to include pop culture references in our shows. Since a lot of the blame for that has to be laid at my fingertips, I thought I’d touch on it for a moment here as well. While they can – and hopefully often do – add another layer to the show, and the relationship between the characters both making an allusion and appreciating it, it’s also easy to take them too far.

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