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Feb 24

D.J. on Stageworthy!

A few weeks back, I had a nice long conversation about theatre with Phil Rickaby, host of the Stageworthy podcast. (To which you should already subscribe, if you want to hear fascinating discussions with the folks who make Canadian theatre happen.) You can listen to my interview here!

Sep 20

Inked Heart – event listing!

Just in case you’re checking in here (and don’t have access to the Facebook event listing, or just don’t like going to FB which is completely fair) … I wanted to create a post giving you all the low-down details on the play and how to see it! So here’s the info I posted about …

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Sep 01

Write Only If You Can Handle Conflicting Advice About Writing

One of my friends has been posting inspiring quotes about writing on his social media, both as a way of keeping himself moving forward, and to share the wealth of support with others. It’s a pretty great thing to do. But yesterday, he posted a quote from Elie Wiesel: “Write only if you cannot live …

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Jun 01

Stars (ten minute play)

This isn’t something I’ve really done before, but I thought I’d give it a shot. In between drafts of the current full-length play, I put together a little ten-minute piece that I can start sending around. It’s both completely like me, and a bit of a departure. Please note that I’m using the singular ‘they’ for …

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Jun 01

Back again! (Again.)

So hi! I’m trying to clean up this page a bit and maybe even use it again. Anybody still keeping an eye out for new posts? Where I am right now in this crazy theatrical journey: Currently, Monkeyman Productions is on hiatus. We had a really rough 2015 and had to cancel our fall production …

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Mar 11


Just catching back up on life and I’ll be back here soon. But for now, here’s something awfully interesting: a TED talk by Andrew Stanton on the art of storytelling. You should watch this: Andrew Stanton on Storytelling Enjoy!

Oct 21

Checking My References

“Are we ready? Are we set? Atomic batteries to power, turbines to –” Marty and I just finished a discussion on the Monkeyman Productions blog about our company’s tendency to include pop culture references in our shows. Since a lot of the blame for that has to be laid at my fingertips, I thought I’d …

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Oct 11

How to Dominate at Submission

Okay, I really need to get back to actual playwriting soon (it’s been weeks since finishing Uncharted Zones), but I just finished up a month of submission ‘binging’ – sending out as many subs to contests and theatres as I could, and I thought this would be a good time to share a few disorganized notes …

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Sep 30

Toronto! Star Trek Day! Book!

Off to my favourite city in the world tonight, Toronto, for a weekend with friends and my Monkeyman cohorts and to try to sell copies of The Phoenix Saga at Star Trek Day Toronto! If you’re anywhere in the area, you should stop by – it’s geekiness of the absolute best kind, and you can …

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Sep 27

Stick a Fork In It

Good for me! As of last Friday, I am officially finished with the script for Uncharted Zones. That was the deadline we set for ourselves, and we met it. As is to be expected, I met it by going crazy for the better part of a week and sneaking everything in just under the wire …

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