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Nov 09

Inked Heart is almost here. Weird.

I took the initial notes that would become this play in 2009. It’s weird to be finished, to feel like I’ve taken it as far as I’m going to. This was one from the vaults that I assumed was dead and buried years ago – to have it together, in (relative) working order, and know …

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Aug 30

Inked Heart – we need a guy!

Just popping in to create an entry for this (I know, I need to catch up on regular blog entries – but I have been updating the page!) – auditions are coming up next week for Alumnae Theatre’s Fireworks Festival, which will include my play Inked Heart. Which is great, but we could still use …

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Aug 12

A Brief Procedural Note

I have to give full credit to my friend Debs – she was the one who came up with the idea for organizing my entries in this blog. As much as I seek out connections in my work, as far as this whole Internet thing goes I tend to be just a little bit late …

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