Aug 12


Although by the time I formally open the doors on this blog, this entry will be buried at the bottom of the list (I hope to launch with at least a couple of things to say), I wanted to begin with a little bit of a welcome and explanation of what I hope to do.

We’re at a point where deciding to create another internet journal – unless you’re writing primarily for yourself, or your friends, both of which are completely fair believe me – seems a bit superfluous. If you’re starting a blog and expect people to pay attention, you better have a damn good reason. The blogs that are thriving are ones with a very particular goal – and audience – and a strong sense of some overall conversation that they want to take part in.

It’s really a process not unlike playwriting. There was a time when writing for the stage was a more popular undertaking, and if you had any talent it was easier to find a producing company and put your work out there. (I’m not saying it was any recent time.) But to write drama for the contemporary theatre, and particularly to get it produced, takes all the usual work plus an extra heap of dedication and a finely-honed sense of what you’re saying and where to find an audience who wants to hear it. You can’t just be the author; you have to be an agent, a promoter, and quite often a producer as well. There’s just no other way to make it happen.

I’ve been writing (and occasionally selling, and more often lately producing) theatre for over twenty years now. I’m not a big name and I don’t ever really expect to be, but I’m getting my scripts produced with some regularity now and I feel like I understand the way it all works. Or more likely, a way, since everyone has to find their own. But maybe by talking about my experiences, and beliefs, and process and plans for the future, I can open the doors and provide a bit of insight to others with a similar goal. At the least, I’ll be taking part in the conversation.

If you have any interest in theatre in general, the process of playwriting in partiucular, or the geeky stuff I generally write (and my company, Monkeyman Productions, generally produces), I hope you’ll join in.


  1. Teya


  2. Irene

    Thanks for allowing me to learn from your experience. After writing fiction for many years, I’ve decided to return to the theatre, which may not be any saner, but at least I understand it better. Best wishes to you and your important work. I’ll stop by to see what you’re up to. Best, Irene

    1. Deej

      Thank you for stopping by! Always glad to hear someone’s coming back to the theatre – it’s not any easier than fiction (which I dabble in as well), but it’s hard to resist the community it draws you into. Hope you enjoy your explorations …

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