Aug 12

A Brief Procedural Note

I have to give full credit to my friend Debs – she was the one who came up with the idea for organizing my entries in this blog. As much as I seek out connections in my work, as far as this whole Internet thing goes I tend to be just a little bit late to every party. So I had no idea how to best arrange my thoughts.

She suggested that I sort entries into categories by the project I’m working on. That way, if you want you can see all my blogging related to a certain script, or production, clumped together if you wish. So, keeping a few broader categories for General Playwriting, Random Theatre, and Random Pounding (non-theatrical entries), I’ve set up categories for all the projects I have in the works as far as writing, revising or submitting – and a category for one-acts in general; I may break that out eventually if it seems worthwhile.

If you look at the main site menu above, you’ll find pages you can click through to if you wish to find descriptions of each project; if you want to see all the entries associated with a project (once I get around to posting a significant amount of content) – you’ll see the categories listed down a few widgets in the right-hand column. I’m linking every category to this post just to get things started.

Hope that helps. If you feel like I’m ignoring a project you want to hear more about, please email me and let me know!

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  1. Errol

    And Debs also showed me a brief preview of your site! Huzzah! Yay Debs! Yay Deej for getting a blog out!

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