Sep 16

The Phoenix Saga – book launch!

Quick update here – it’s been a bit of a crazy time; hopefully I can get back to more informative posts next week. But I had a bit of an announcement to make …

If you’re coming to the website to read my posts (or you know me on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) you’re certainly already aware that I’ve put out a book of my two short Star Trek parody plays – The Final Flight of the Phoenix and Phoenix II: The Mongolar Maneuver. There’s a link on the main page if you want to order it from Lulu.com. But I’m also going to be selling it directly, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, and I have a launch-ish event to announce for doing that!

Your first chance to get your hands on The Phoenix Saga in person, from the author (Lil’ Ol’ Me) – including, of course, your chance to get it signed to your favourite friend, relative, or Shatner impersonator – will be on Sunday, October 2nd at Star Trek Day TO(ronto)! I’m going to be selling copies from the Nerd Mafia table (many thanks to them for letting me in) during the daytime programming from 12pm-7pm (and will probably still have some with me during the Ten Forward Party that night). So if you come out to what’s going to be an awesomely geeky event, you can also drop a few bucks (fifteen, to be exact) on me and get a copy of the book direct from my hands to yours!

Hope to see you there, Trekkies and Trekkers!

Star Trek Day TO
Toronto Underground Cinema
186 Spadina Ave Unit 1A, Toronto
Sunday, October 2nd
Tickets available through the website or at the door

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