Jun 01

Back again! (Again.)

So hi! I’m trying to clean up this page a bit and maybe even use it again. Anybody still keeping an eye out for new posts?

Where I am right now in this crazy theatrical journey: Currently, Monkeyman Productions is on hiatus. We had a really rough 2015 and had to cancel our fall production of my play, The Beast from Planet X, and that’s left us needing some time to rebuild and gather our forces. We do hope to be back next year with more theatre for the geek-friendly audiences of the greatest city in the world, Toronto, Ontario.

Meanwhile, I’ve been pecking away at some new projects, and it looks like I will have a production this year after all – just of a play that I thought had fallen off my radar at this point! Alumnae Theatre will be producing Inked Heart – a full-length and fully revised version – as a part of their Fireworks Festival in November. We’re just starting to gear up with production meetings and due dates, and I’ve been working hard to make this script everything it can be. It’s not often that I’ve had this sort of production through another company, so there’s a certain learning curve involved in that, as well. If I manage to keep on top of things, I’m sure I’ll post more about that, too.

And there’s new stuff to write! I finished a little ten-minute piece, Stars, that I think came out well. And I hope to dash off a few other short pieces in between the final drafts of IH. I’d also like to explore some non-playwriting stuff, if I have time. I’m trying to keep this year productive.

More later on!

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