Aug 30

Inked Heart – we need a guy!

Just popping in to create an entry for this (I know, I need to catch up on regular blog entries – but I have been updating the page!) – auditions are coming up next week for Alumnae Theatre’s Fireworks Festival, which will include my play Inked Heart.

Which is great, but we could still use some folks to sign up for the male lead in particular, which would be as follows (description from Alumnae’s site):

Ed – 40s.  Owner of a tattoo parlour, heavily inked himself.  A tough exterior, sharp tongue and ready wit mask his sensitivity and the pain of his disintegrating marriage.  Aspires to be a painter.

If you have any interest, or could help spread the word, please do so! There’s a full list of roles available for IH and the other Festival plays, and full info on how to get in on auditions, at the link below:


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  1. Tina

    Hi, D.J. – Shared on Alumnae Theatre’s Facebook page and Twitter.


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