The Phoenix Saga – now in print!

The Phoenix Saga: Two Spacefaring Plays
by D.J. Sylvis

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“The Universe is vast and mysterious. Each strange new world holds the possibility of indescribable danger … and glorious adventure. This is our never-ending mission. Exploration, discovery, adventure. These are the flights of the GNS Phoenix. “

Front cover - shiny!

The geek theatre revolution comes to life in these two sci-fi plays by D.J. Sylvis! In The Final Flight of the Phoenix and Phoenix II: The Mongolar Maneuver, we’re introduced to Commodore Junius Philk and the crew of the GNS Phoenix, as well as the often-egotistical actors who portray them. Join them for a look behind the scenes at a beloved sci-fi franchise that doesn’t really exist, but which seems oddly familiar … and let them take you on a trek through the stars and completely around the bend!

“You think you understand the show? You weren’t even born the first time I put on this wig! How many times have you stood on stage at three in the afternoon fielding questions from some geek with an overbite and a closet full of black t-shirts?”

The Final Flight of the Phoenix

We’re on set for the last day of shooting for Phoenix VII: The Final Rebirth, the latest film in the long-running sci-fi franchise. The guest star is none other than John Taylor, ‘Commodore Philk’ from the original 1960s television series – and when he’s not forgetting his lines, he’s hitting on the alien women and lecturing the cast on which way to lean when the ship is under attack. Can even the big screen contain an ego this size?

“I assure you, my pronunciation is without reproach. I’ve played a Mongolar twenty-seven times between television, film, electronic games, audiobooks, fan sites, the Berlitz course ‘Mongolar in a Month’ …”

Phoenix II: The Mongolar Maneuver

We’re back with the crew (and cast) of the Phoenix for their triumphant return to prime time. And what would the television event of the year be without a guest appearance by John Taylor? But when Taylor finds out that his co-star is an old rival, sparks fly and even the Midshipman may not survive to tell the tale.


“Whatever happens, this is science fiction. There are infinite possibilities out there, infinite potential futures, and we’re the only ones who explore them. You have to look beyond the little grievances and see that we’re all part of something far more important.”

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Includes a fabulous cover photo by Linn Øyen Farley featuring Scott Clarkson and Phil Rickaby in ‘Phoenix II: The Mongolar Maneuver’!

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