Uncharted Zones

Uncharted Zones: A Sequence of Four

“From the far future to the present, from the fantastic to the everyday, each life is a journey into the unknown. What matters is not our final destination but the chances we take, the desires we pursue, and how we relate to each other in our common uncertainty.”

December 8th-10th, 16th-17th 2011; Palmerston Library Theatre, 560 Palmerston Avenue

I don’t want to give away too much about this project at the moment, as it is the show Monkeyman is just beginning to rehearse for fall, and of course we want people to come out and discover the secrets for themselves. But a few notes to put the work I’m doing in context:

The play is compiled from four shorter narratives, all in one way or another linked by the theme of the unexplored – in ways that vary from quite personal to absolutely galactic. So to bring the audience in and out of each story, we’ve introduced a Rod-Serling-esque narrator who, hopefully, is going to be a lot of fun. (Certainly, writing his dialogue has been a lot of fun.) It’s something I’d never really tried before, and it’s an experiment for the company as well. It’ll be interesting to see what the audience thinks.

We’re also spending more time than usual on workshopping and development – we’ve already cast and started the rehearsal process though we don’t go up until December – so we’ve got more freedom to try some things and refine the scripts before we really hit ‘go’ time. I’ll definitely be writing about that process as we move forward.


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