Godzilla on Sundays

“Wait until I run the world. That’s the whole reason I’m entering the industry, to bring the finest in men in rubber suits to our children and our children’s children … to raise awareness of the tragic plight of Japanese boys in short pants named Kenny –”

Produced by Monkeyman Productions, October 14th-17th and 21st-24th, 2009

***Two best friends, a girl, and a giant radioactive lizard. Dale and Kadin have been friends since childhood and they share everything – living space, beer, video games, rambling conversations about nothing in particular, and most particularly their love of a certain giant monster from the oceans of Japan (and their bewilderment at his odd attachment to boys named Kenny). So when their friendship suddenly faces its deepest test, how else coud they face it but together? It’s the old team of Godzilla and Kenny, together again …***

Godzilla on Sundays was the play that really pulled me into working continuously as an active playwright, and its initial production as a part of the Alumnae Theatre New Ideas Festival was what brought together the founding members of what would become our theatre company, Monkeyman Productions. As geeky and full of references as it was, it was a deeply personal piece about a friendship and what it could and couldn’t survive, with emotional frailties that were almost difficult to watch on stage.

I learned a lot through the multiple drafts and revisions it took to come up with a polished final piece – not only about storytelling but about the more practical aspects of putting together a play: how to set things up so the scene changes, costume changes, and technical aspects of the piece all have time to work together, and how to keep two actors, on stage almost constantly for two hours straight, from collapsing of exhaustion or killing one another.

There is a one-act play, Monkey Boss Fight, that acts as a sequel to Godzilla, but it has never been produced.


DALE – male, ranges from 20-30

KADIN – male, ranges from 20-30

DALE – (young), 10

KADIN – (young), 10

Various TV voices and sounds

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