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One of the trademarks of my … shall we say unique writing style is the number of pop-culture references per script. It can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s a big part of how my characters – and the people I’m trying to reach through my plays – communicate. Can any of you really say you’ve never inserted a particularly appropriate quote from one of your favourite movies / books / cartoons / songs / Transformers commercials into conversation as a way of making your point?

Anyway, when I’ve got too much time on my hands, this will be the page where I list the number of references per script, and perhaps what I’m making reference to.

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  1. Kathy Lucas

    Congrats to my favorite nerf-herder on “SANDWORM!” @ 2015’s NIF! Felt a great disturbance in The Force & now I know what it was. Congrats on everything else I’ve missed in your literary & dramatic life. No! Wait! “Theatrical”! I didnt mean dramatic, I meant theatrical life. Sorry. May The Force Be With You, my friend. Not the redone stuff or this new stuff…you know, the good grainy original 1977 kind of Force that gave us all A New Hope. BTW: Alice is still waiting for some good werewolf stories outta you. Get Howling Already!

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